Sleeping Tired African Businessman Relaxing at Work
A stressed-out worker

We use apps to do a lot of things. We use them to get to places we are not familiar with, to socialize, to prepare documents, to offer our products and services to our clients and many more.
But what about apps that can help you to relax? I know you believe that it is not possible, especially when you are fiddling with your phone and subjecting your eyes to bright lights. Let’s find out about these apps.

  1. Focus@will

Focus@will is aimed at those looking to improve their concentration when working, writing, reading or, indeed, trying to relax. It doesn’t offer any search features, or anything else beyond a drop-down menu for genres, a play button, skip button and volume control.

You can choose from Classical, Focus Spa, Up Tempo, Alpha Chill, Acoustical, Jazz, Cinematic or Ambient. And all the music on offer is instrumental only, which is an obvious step to take given that lyric-based music can be a distraction when all you’re trying to do is clear your mind.

The app is available on Android, iOS and Web.

  1. lets you listen to the infinite sounds of rain on the Web or on your mobile.

While the Web-based version is free, the mobile app will set you back $1.99 (or about N796) but it is nicely designed and features a rolling rain track with volume control and three different weather extremities.

You can also create your own custom rain mix, with individual volume controls for each element.

There’s something very soothing about raindrops. It always comes along with calm and soothing weather. It is also available on Android, iOS and Web.

  1. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is a pretty basic Web app that challenges you to do literally nothing for 2 minutes.

If you touch the mouse or press a key, then you fail and the counter goes back to the start. If you can sit on your hands for 120 seconds, well done.

It’s designed to encourage all you Internet addicts out there to sit back, relax and do nothing whilst staring at a beautiful sunset set against a soundscape of crashing waves.

This app is only available on the web.

  1. Thunderspace

Similar to, Thunderspace is a stereoscopic 3D soundscape of thundery weather from the creators of Haze, the perennially popular weather app.

Thunderspace serves up a blustery weather-based audio experience, designed to help you relax. But the creators have really gone the extra mile in putting the various sounds together.

It delivers audio and light to create the effect of a thunderstorm all around you. Once you have selected your audio of choice, you are advised to place your handset away from you, close your eyes and see the peripheral ‘flashes’ of light that accompany the sound.

Only available for iOS users.

  1. Breathe2Relax

As noted already, there is an app for everything, including breathing. Available for iOS and Android, Breathe2Relax is a pocket stress-management app that serves up detailed information on the effects that stress has on the body and, well, instructions and breathing exercises to help you master diaphragmatic breathing.