Whether your phone is running very slowly, lags, or takes a long time to open or close apps, using a slow phone can be very annoying and frustrating. If you are the type that loses your cool easily you might even feel like smashing the offending device on the ground. Well, don’t be quick to smash your phone on the hard floor. Why don’t you, first of all, find out why your phone is slow then you can easily take steps to make it run faster.

The reasons outlined below are the cause of your phone slowing down terribly. The good news is that after identifying the major challenges you can easily go-ahead to apply the specific remedies. Soon, your phone will be up and running in no time.

You Have a Small Storage Space

When most users first purchased their phones, they were so excited because the phone runs smoothly and fast. However, over time the memory begins to fill up quickly. As they took pictures, recorded videos, and download lots of stuff online the available storage space reduced.

Apart from this, after installing lots of apps and running them for months, app cache files begin to increase taking a large chunk of the storage space. Soon the phone will slow down due to lack of space. Sometimes the phone might display a notification that you are running out of memory. All you need to do to solve the problem is to uninstall unused applications. You should also clear the cache file and delete videos and pictures that are old. Old pictures and videos should be transferred to an external device. Once you have done this your phone will soon start running faster.

You can also do this by deleting and uninstalling files manually or use the phone’s storage cleaner. In addition to this, cleaner applications such as Droid Optimizer, CCleaner, and Norton Clean can be used.

Your Battery is Ageing

When batteries age, there is an effect on memory processing and storage components. After using a battery for a long time it will not be able to deliver the required amount of current and a very stable voltage for fast CPU processing, causing execution errors. The solution to this is to get a new battery. Once you change the battery you will notice that your phone will be fast again.

Using an Out-of-Date Operating System

Another reason why your device is slowing down is the Operating Systems (OS). Manufacturers constantly provide updates from time to time for their software and old phone will struggle to run newer applications that were created with a more recent operating system in mind. Since the phone hardware and operating system are old it becomes difficult to run newer apps and as the Operating System (OS) begins to struggle to keep up the phone begins to slow. The solution to this problem is to either upgrade the Operating System (OS) or run only apps that support the current operating system. One can also choose to buy a new phone with better capacity.

Phone Memory Fragmentation

Most people are not aware of this as the reason their phone is slowing down. Everything eventually gets old. This is the same with gadgets and devices.

Hence, new models of phones will always perform better than older models. The cause is Storage fragmentation. What is Memory Fragmentation? As you use your phone every day, it writes and creates thousands of data while running apps and carrying out other functions. Sometimes these data are written inefficiently. This will result in the fragmentation of the memory, that is the affected memory sector will longer function efficiently. Unlike other devices, one should not defragment an Android device. Defragmenting a flash memory will eventually shorten its lifespan.

The solution is to ensure that your phone memory doesn’t fill up. You should also reduce the number of heavy applications. As the last resort, you could conduct a factory reset on the device.

You are Running too Many Apps in Your Background

This is a very simple reason why your phone may be slowing down. One thing you should know is that the RAM of your phone determines how fast your phone will run. This is because all the processes that are running on your device per time do so via the Random Access Memory (RAM).

So, the higher the RAM the faster your phone runs and the better your phone will be able to run many apps at the same time. If your RAM is 4Gig you will be able to run many apps at the same time compared to if it is just 2Gig. To solve this problem, make sure your phone has a larger RAM. You can also make use of an APP Freezer to prevent the unused app from running in the background and consuming RAM memory. You could also manually restrict your apps from running in the background.

In conclusion, when your phone slows down the above causes may be the reason. If you have tried the solutions provided and the problem is not solved, kindly drop a comment below and we will be willing to assist you further. Cheers.