Obejor Mobile App
Obejor Mobile App

In a bid to keep our word on being Customer-centric, Obejor Online Store presents to you, the Obejor Mobile App now available on Google Play Store as there are many benefits shopping with Obejor Mobile App.


With more and more smartphones in the hands of consumers, they are more likely to use their mobile apps for shopping. This is actually true as the Obejor Mobile report discovered that 73.8% of customers accessed the Obejor website via their mobile, 23.0% via desktop and 3.3% via tablet.


The fact is, with the many benefits attached to using the Obejor Mobile App, there is actually no need to face hassle while shopping with us. You can search for information with a desktop and still buy on the mobile app.

Here are 7 Top Notch Benefits of Shopping with Obejor Mobile App:


  1. It Requires very little data for Installation on Your Phone:


Did you know, one important reason some people do not download certain apps is because of the data required for its installation. To download some apps, you need as much as 50 to 60 Mb. This is not the case with the Obejor mobile App. For just 7.2 Mb, you will have access to all of our products via the Obejor app on your phone!


  1. Mouthwatering discounts Available on the go:


Obejor Mobile app discount
Obejor Mobile app discount


Obejor offers fantastic discounts on different products and one of the best ways you can enjoy the discount is when you use the mobile app.

We understand that it may be a bit stressing to hover around your web browser to check for discounts from the Obejor website, that’s why we went the extra mile to make it readily available to you on the Obejor Mobile App.


  1. Access to Cool Features

Obejor Mobile App cool features
Obejor Mobile App cool features

We understand that our customers are of a high caliber and you are one of them, that’s why took out time to include features that gives you hitch-free shopping experience that will make you want to shop more and more with the Obejor Mobile App.


  1. It is Safe


Despite the fact that our website, Obejor.com.ng is secured, we still used the same energy in our Mobile App and it’s of course verified by Google’s Play Protect. This means that there’s no cause for alarm as you shop with us in maximum security.


  1. Rewards to Loyal Customers


When you download the Obejor mobile App, we take note of you and you will be the first to be notified, when it’s time to reward loyal customers.


  1. Advanced support


We understand the importance of good customer support. The app serves as a tool to establish solid communication 24/7 between us (Obejor) and you, the esteemed customers. Customers should be able to solve their problems in the app via the support button, instead of having to face the stress of switching to the desktop version.


  1. Enhanced User Experience


We have our customers at heart, that’s why we ensured that our Mobile App has easy navigation that would make the user experience a smooth one. It’s precise and simple, filters are listed discretely and are accessible on demand, and users can easily view saved items by clicking a heart button on the top right.


So, what are you waiting for? Download the Obejor Mobile App from Google Play Store or simply click  https://bit.ly/ObejorApp