Phones come in different colors and choosing the color that defines us can be frustrating. Most phones come in black, silver, white, red, green, or pink colors. Some give a more classic vibe, but they are also boring. Some colors stand out more but can give these devices a toyish, less professional look. With smartphones of the future, you may not have to choose anymore.

Imagine a phone with a completely transparent back made from a glass-like material that fully absorbs light. The device would have one or more LED lights inside, the color of which you could change in the settings of the phone or maybe with your mind! When you choose orange, the entire back cover would completely absorb the color of the light and look the same, almost as if it were painted on.

This technology would allow you to switch between different colors as frequently as you would like. The feature could also have a mode to change the color automatically daily. With a few LED lights inside properly positioned, you could also create gradient colors, like what the Huawei P30 Pro has.

This new glass-like material, as well as the display, would also be virtually unbreakable, so you would not have to worry about it cracking if you drop your phone. Unlike glass phones today, it would also be resistant to fingerprints.