We continue this week with the series on 10 ways you can learn with your smartphone.


You can use notes to help you with studying. There are numerous apps designed to help you stay organized and keep your notes in a convenient and safe location. Apps like Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox help store your important files on your phone so you can access them whenever and wherever you are.

Better yet, these apps can also coordinate with your work on your computer. You would not have to remember if you completed work on your phone or computer because your work will be in both locations.

With an increasing focus on being mobile, accessing what we need from wherever and whenever the way we learn is also affected.


With the opportunities of smartphones, the opportunities to convey information are numerous. Podcasts are becoming highly popular in sharing ideas, information and stories to interest and inform others.

You can find podcasts on practically any topic. From business to health to technology to science and so much more, there is sure to be a podcast that you can both enjoy listening to and learn from.