Sports Vs eSports

Since coronavirus forced most sporting federations in the world to cancel their events and activities, more fans have turned to gaming to keep themselves entertained.

Popular sports like football, formula-1, boxing, basketball and so on, have all embraced this e-sports experiment to keep sports fans entertained during lockdowns.

Television outlets are also getting in on the action. In the US, more than 900,000 viewers tuned in for the inaugural eNascar iRacing Pro Invitational Series on Fox Sports.

There has been a continuous conflict of sports versus e-sports and e-sports owners have been accused of copying from the sports scene, and now the sports world is taking note of the e-sports world.

Big e-sports companies are already hosting big prize events to make the most of the near global lockdown. Popular basketball game NBA 2K is hosting its first ever “3-on-3” tournament where players can participate online for a prize fee of $25,000.

Games streaming has experienced an explosion in popularity. On Twitch, the largest game platform, week-on-week engagement viewers has increased to 1.5 million, according to Twitch Tracker.

The number of people playing games online has increased too. Steam, the largest PC gaming platform in the world has a new record of up to 20.7 million online players, playing and chatting on the platform at the same time.

The gaming industry is working hard to keep the sporting world active. We hope that the pandemic would be eradicated so that normal activities in the sporting world and other industries, can resume worldwide.

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