The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was unveiled at the company’s virtual Unpacked event alongside the Note 20 Ultra and a variety of other devices on Wednesday, August 5. The phone can be pre-ordered directly from Samsung.

Design and Display

Galaxy Note 20 is almost similar to Galaxy Note 10 in size and premium feeling-design. This is a huge device with a 6.7-inch display. The screen isn’t curved at the sides, instead, it sits flush with the top edges at the left and right. The display has a Full HD (2400×1080) resolution and it’s suitable for watching videos and more. The design of the handset has metal edges that are flatter than on previous devices.

The back of the phone feels a little like ceramic, but it’s actually a brushed effect over the top of what Samsung calls “Glasstic”. That means the back of the phone isn’t strictly glass but polycarbonate. It comes in three colour options, with Mystic Bronze being the new experimental flagship colour. There’s also Mystic Green and a Mystic Grey.

It has an S stylus pen which is at the bottom edge of its left-hand side. The company has improved its S Pen stylus in several ways, adding new gestures for interacting with the phone, and improving both the accuracy and the sensitivity of the stylus to make it more useful. Recording audio notes while scribbling down written notes using the S Pen is now improved by syncing what is being said aloud while writing on the screen.

Camera and Battery

The Galaxy Note 20 has 4 cameras. One in front and three at the back. The front camera is a 10MP Selfie Camera while the back three cameras are a 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera and a 64MP Telephoto Camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cameras

The Ultra-Wide Camera is part of the pro-grade camera system on Galaxy Note 20. With a 123-degree field of vision, it expands the view in a significant way, seeing almost as much as the eyes can go, much wider than the Wide-angle Camera does. So, if more of the scene needs to be captured at once with the smartphone camera, the Ultra-Wide Camera on the Galaxy phone can fit it all in the frame.

The Galaxy Note 20 features a rear multi-camera system that has a telephoto camera and a wide-angle camera. The wide-angle camera can take in more all at once than the other camera lenses on the phone, meaning it can capture more of the scene. When taking a photo with the Wide-angle Camera on Galaxy Note 20 or snapping a Dual Capture portrait with Live focus mode, the photos can be taken, showing a wider view of the background or scenery. And because it has a Dual Pixel sensor with large pixels, the photos come out brighter and clearer. The wide-angle camera on Galaxy Note 20 has an AF sensor so the photos are high resolution, detailed images.

The Telephoto Camera allows the user to zoom in on a scene or on a single subject if they so desire. The Telephoto Camera on Galaxy Note 20 features 30X Space Zoom, which is the combination of 3x Hybrid Optical Zoom and 30x Super-Resolution Zoom.

To take a photo with the Ultra-Wide Camera, simply open the Camera app and use the three icons near the bottom of the viewfinder to toggle between the pro-grade Ultra-Wide, Wide-angle, and Telephoto Cameras.

There’s a 4,300mAh battery inside the Galaxy Note 20, which can last a whole day. The Note 20 only features 25W fast charging, rather than topping out at 45W, like the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note 10 Plus.

Performance and Software

Its internal memory is made up to 8GB RAM and 256 GB ROM. It has a 5G network connectivity and it has an 8GB RAM with 256GB and 128GB internal storage.

The handset is running on Google’s Android 10 operating system with Samsung’s own One UI 2.5 overlay on top.

Network and Connectivity

It has the following network connectivities, 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and UltraWide Band.

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