Steps in Handling your Smartphone Carefully


I am not a good manager of phones. Sincerely speaking, a lot of phones have been damaged while I handled them. I might be using a smartphone and it falls off my hands while I fall asleep. Considering the distance of it’s falling, the screen might hit the floor or an object and cracks. Oh, I hate the experience. Or you put the phone in your shirt pocket and you might be washing and while you are at it, it falls off your pocket and falls into the water you are using. Water and smartphones aren’t best of friends, you know that!

So what steps do you need in protecting your smartphones or steps you need in handling your smartphone carefully. Below are steps on how you can do this easily.

1. Get a Case

You need to get a case to protect your smartphone. As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of instances your phone can fall off your hands and smash to the ground. Even when you are waking and someone knocks it off your hands or while you are using it, someone can knock it off your hands unintentionally. You can get a clip-on case that protects your screen when it hits the ground.

2. Get a Screen Guide or Protector

Screen guides or protectors protect your phone screens from scratches when it hits the floor or any other objects. Get a screen guide that is easy to set up and use

3. Put your Phone Away in a Safe

Always put your phones away in safe places. Don’t put your phone in the same pockets or compartments in your bags with your keys or any hard objects, because it will damage your screens. Always keep your phones out of harm’s way while in the house or office. Find a safe compartment or shelf to keep it.

4. Avoid Water Entirely.

We love using our phones while in the restroom while taking a bath or at the beach. You need to stop that. Never take your phone close to water, even when you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner. Unless you want to dry your phone in a bag of rice.

5. Keep Your Phone Clean

Dust affects your smartphone too even when you have a phone case or screen guide. Too much dust can cause your phone not to run effectively. Use a soft screen-cleaning cloth with an appropriate screen cleaner to wipe your screen gently. Open the case now and then to wipe the phone and get rid of the dust.

6. Update and Streamline your Phone Apps

Most phones these days come with apps already installed on them. You might even install your favorite apps while you use your phone. Ensure that most of these apps are always updated. Also, put off most of the apps off while you are not using them. They can be running and run down your battery life and your internet data. Update your apps to protect against malware and security threats.

7. Always Delete the Cache

When you install apps or when they run, they may leave junk files behind in the cache. Those take up memory you could use for things you want to do. Clear these files out from time to time. Both Android and iOS allow you to do this.

8. Use Trusted Sources Only

There are other online application stores and when you download apps from them they may come along with malware which affects your smartphone. To be on the safe side, always use the Google play store for Android phones and the Apple app store for iOS phones.

9. Install an External Storage

Most android phones come with space to install external memory devices like SD Cards. If your phone allows it, install an external SD card to increase the available storage, then run any apps you can from this storage. You can also use it to store media files. This frees up the phone’s internal memory, resulting in better performance.

10. Take Good Care of your Phone’s Battery

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for looking after your battery. Depending on the age of your phone and the battery it’s using.

There’s plenty of advice online about the best practices for your particular smartphone model. Finally, you also need to ensure you can find your phone if someone steals it. Use the security features built into your device to help with this:

  • Lock your phone with a pin, password or pattern
  • Don’t share your password
  • Install a security app to help you find your phone if it goes walkabout

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