Have you ever been confused about the relation between the headphone and earphones/earbuds? Headphones are designed to be worn on or around the head of the user’s ears, while earphones/earbuds are inserted into the ears. So, which is better? It is all a matter of preference.

Up until now, headphones and earbuds have been wired. However, the whole industry is attempting to go wireless, understanding the value of a cord-free experience. If you are tired of dealing with tangled cords, chances are you too are searching to upgrade to a truly wireless experience. So let us examine the differences between a headphone and their advantages and disadvantages.


The main difference between headphones and earbuds is that headphones are worn over the ear. Before we take a look at the pros and cons of headphones, check out some of our favorite wireless headphones.


  1. Comfort: A well-fitting pair of headphones are very comfortable compared to earbuds. They are usually well padded and do not directly apply pressure to your ear canal.
  2. Noise cancellation: Headphones are able to cancel out these noise wavelengths and eliminate the sound. Headphones are slightly better at noise cancellation than earphones.
  3. Sound quality: Headphones available today deliver incredible sound.


  1. Portability: Headphones cannot easily fit in your pocket or a small bag. So, if you are constantly on the go, headphones might prove to be a problem.
  2. Noise leakage: Over the ear headphones won’t completely seal around your ear, leading to some noise leakage, and the disturbance of those around you.


Unlike headphones, earbuds are inserted directly into the ear canal. They often come in various sizes and are losing their cords and becoming wireless.


  1. Portability: Earbuds can vary in size, overall, they are more portable than headphones.
  2. Noise leakage: People around you are capable of hearing the noise from your earbuds.
  3. Sound quality: Both earbuds and headphones can offer great sound quality. Sound quality can depend on the type of earbud you choose.


  1. Comfort: Comfort level is where earbuds tend to fail. It is hard to find a perfect fit.
  2. Noise cancellation: Although headphones tend to perform better in this category, it is possible to find earbuds that also have strong noise cancellation performances, especially with the newer and more expensive ones for sale.

If you are someone that values comfort and noise cancellation above all else then headphones are probably the best choice for you. But, if you are someone on the go that wants something that is portable that has high performance, then earbuds, especially with innovative technology like Apple’s Airpods are the best option for you.