Top 10 Features To Watch Out For When Buying A New Laptop In Nigeria

Are you considering swapping out your old laptop? There are many tips about the best laptops to consider when planning your next purchase – Check out the Top 10 Tips to Buy Best Laptops in Nigeria.

Most desktop systems, and even Windows and MacBooks laptops, offer a variety of features. Which platform you prefer depends on personal taste and social representation. To avoid some of the mistakes that typically come with buying a new laptop, these top tips for buying a better laptop will help you tremendously. Since a laptop is expensive to replace, you must know how to take care of it and, more importantly, master some computer security measures to keep you safe. It is an investment that can pay for itself many times over.

If you’re presently on a quest to purchase a computer otherwise you need to alternate your vintage one and also you don’t realize which specifications to select from, right here are a few useful recommendations to fine purchase laptops in Nigeria and through extension globally;

Top 10 Tips to Buy Best Laptops in Nigeria

  1. SIZE

Size subjects whilst thinking about shopping for a computer. The length of the computer relies upon what you need to apply the computer for. Laptops sizes range from eleven.6 inches to 17.three inches. If you’re deciding on a computer for gaming and working, it’s really useful to move for the 17inch and it’ll include a huge keyboard. The larger computer is excellent however in case you are the kind that travels plenty, it’s now no longer clean to hold the laptops around. A 15-inch computer version is an exact compromise whilst thinking about ease of use and portability then, eleven to thirteen inches are mild computer fashions and they’re clean to hold around.


The display screen first-rate of the computer you’re approximate to buy have to have excessive display screen decision this means that that textual content and icons seem smoother and simpler to view. As one of the fine purchase laptops recommendations to don’t forget, you have to apprehend that the display screen better Resolution has to/is measured in pixels and the minimal pixel is 1,366 x 768 pixels. This is right for acting many mission however in case you are trying to do greater together along with your computer, it’s far premier to move for a 1920×1080-pixel decision that is complete HD.


Keyboards also are elements to appearance out for whilst shopping for a computer. I don’t forget the fine purchase laptops recommendations to test out for in case you are typing lengthy sessions, and it’s far really useful to get a comfortable keyboard. The length constraints of computer keyboards are normally a bit special from computing device keyboards. If you operate the keyboard plenty it’s an exact concept to locate the only one that has a snug format and complete-sized keys. Some keyboards don’t are available excellent first-rate; test the keyboard well earlier than you purchase.

  1. CPU

The CPU is the electricity residence of a computer.  However, a few reasonably-priced laptops have a tendency to have decrease CPU. It is of excellent advantage to move for Intel middle processors due to their capacity to multitask and multimedia tasking. You can pass for an Intel Core i3 processor, which is right for surfing and Microsoft workplace work. The Core i5 chip is extra than the middle i3 and it plays majority responsibilities which include huge images, modifying and encoding video. Lastly, Core i7 chips for people who need not anything, however, the fine overall performance from their computer. They are luxurious however tremendously quick. You don’t want to limit yourself to the Intel most effective. AMD is some other processor emblem that works excellent mainly for video games due to the fact they’ve higher photo chips.

  1. RAM

The random get admission to the reminiscence of the computer is answerable for the number of missions the computer can carry out at a time. AS one of the middle fine purchase laptop recommendations to appearance out for, the  RAM of any computer tool you select has to be durable, have the most capability in phrases of space, unfastened from virus and drastically intact. More RAM permits for the greater utility to run on your computer at an equal time. 8GB have to be the minimal ram depending on what you want the computer for. If you deal with electricity, 16GB is really useful and if it’s for video games, you have to don’t forget the use of 32GB. The larger the RAM, the higher the overall performance.


Using pressure to shop statistics is not in fashion as laptops now come in large garage capability, besides, drives are cumbersome and that they produce a lot of heat. A minimal quantity of garage on a computer have to be 120GB, however, it’s far really useful to move for laptops with better garage capability for storing plenty greater statistics. You can pass for a computer garage of 500GB or maybe 1 TB.


When it involves battery existence, there are too many sports that have an effect on the battery existence of a computer. How lengthy your battery will last relies upon what number of packages you’ve got walking on the equal time. Producers say small, mild laptops normally provide higher battery existence than huge laptops, due to the fact they’ve lesser electricity, decrease-voltage processors and a smaller display screen.

  1. USB

Lately, if a computer has simply one USB port, you likely shouldn’t pass for that sort of computer. Basically, a computer has to have more than one USB port so that you can carry out different features like sharing documents from your cellular smartphone to the computer at the same time as the use of your USB mouse and in all likelihood a USB net community tool. A computer with a greater USB port can carry out all these features at once.


Security is a giant issue as all of the documents and files on your computer want to be well secured. People can wager your password, however, none can percentage the equal fingerprint. To make sure most safety for the contents of your computer, it’s far really useful to go along with a computer that has a fingerprint reader. The trendy Windows 10 Operating System makes also use of fingerprint.


If gaming is one of the motives you need to shop for a computer, you have to don’t forget laptops with higher pics. This is undoubtedly one of the fine purchase laptops recommendations I  usually propose to buddies and readers. Most laptops depend entirely on the processor’s included pics chipset, however that could most effective play 3-D video games at low first-rate. If you’re a critical gamer, you’ll want a computer with an Nvidia, Radeon or AMD pics chipset, those photo chips are excellent for gaming. From our research, we were capable of collect the above-indexed recommendations to fine purchase any computer of your choice.

Kindly tell us withinside the comments segment underneath in case you don’t forget different elements of a computer to be of excessive significance (that is typically subjective, as a few can also additionally decide on a  higher gaming overall performance or a rugged build, perhaps you need a computer that could develop into a tablet), and mainly allow us to realize in case you’ve already discovered the perfect computer to your needs.

With this article, you can effortlessly check out and decide the best laptops selling in Nigeria with the Top 10 Tips to Buy Best Laptops in Nigeria.