The Federal Government has closed down schools and tertiary institutions due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Nigeria. The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has also gone on an indefinite strike. This is an opportunity for you to learn how you can study with your smartphone. We continue with the third part series of 10 ways you can study or learn with your smartphone.


You can use the video on your smartphone to record the presentations or lectures your lecturer is giving while he gives his lecture. You must first seek the permission of your lecturer to take the video. Most lecturers do not like the idea of their students taking videos of their lectures. Students can be vicious. They may use the videos to create memes or caricatures of their lecturers.

The advantage of recording such videos is that you can watch it again during your study or free time and catch up to major points your lecturer made during the lecturer that you missed in the first place.


While a study paper calendar has its benefits, keeping your calendar on your phone allows you to always be aware of upcoming assignments, appointments, meetings and other events. Knowing what you have coming up can help you prepare for what is next so you do not fall behind.

With your smartphone’s calendar, you can also set reminders for yourself to ensure you don’t miss a thing.