Buying a new smartphone doesn’t always come cheap, and to save money, you might be thinking of purchasing your next phone second-hand. Tips to Check Before Buying A Used Phone In Nigeria

With new smartphones being released every year from all the big smartphone manufacturers, there’s never any shortage of smartphones to purchase second-hand as people want to upgrade their handset and offset the cost by selling their old one.

And, if a second-hand phone has been well looked after, there are not usually any problems to worry about. However, there are also some risks to consider when buying a second-hand phone. If you’re not able to see the phone in person, you might end up spending money on a handset that has been stolen or isn’t working correctly. So, if you’ve decided to buy a second-hand phone for your next handset to save money, keep the following tips in mind.

4 Things to Check Before Buying A Used Second-Hand Phone In Nigeria

The first thing you have to look out for when buying a used phone is the ratings, of course, this applies for online purchase, if you want to purchase the device online, please check out the ratings of the device you want to buy, normally a good rating should be 4 to 5 stars. And the best place to buy a refurbished smartphone is from a verified store.

In Nigeria, there are sites like Jiji where people can put their products for sale or buy a used product and they have ratings also.

So after you have found the ratings, you have to make sure if the seller has a return policy and also read the description of the phone thoroughly to know the exact product you are buying, if there is a way you can contact the seller, please do.

The second way here is to ask the seller for the condition of the smartphone, you can ask him to send you images or a video, also know the actual release date of the smartphone and compare it with the time the phone has spent with the seller.

Now to offline purchase, if you want to buy offline or your friend is selling a used phone, you have to check the pre-owned condition of the device, in other words, you have to know if the smartphone was stolen or if it was repaired, this also applies to online when the seller has actually brought the smartphone to you.

If you want to know more details about the smartphone or if you want to know if the smartphone is actually what it is or a fake model, you have to check for the IMEI number of the phone.

Normally you can check that by dialling *#06# and immediately you dialled that, you will get a pop up showing your IMEI number, if you didn’t see any popup, my brother run! I said run! Lol.

Once you have got the IMEI number, you can go to sites like and input the IMEI number you just saw, then you will see all the details about the smartphone, whether it is actually the model you want to buy or a fake phone.

The third step here is the physical condition, of course, that’s what you guys normally check, check whether the phone has internal screen scratch and also the power buttons to know if they are working, you have to carry a power bank to know whether the phone is charging, you have to check the speaker, play some music with it for a while, you also check the camera, the flashlight and pretty much other physical condition and aesthetics.

The 4th step is to check the battery life, if it is an iPhone, you can navigate to settings, battery and battery health, you will mostly see how easy it is and you can check the battery capacity to a maximum.

On Android devices or even on ios devices, you can download Geekbench 4 to see the battery data, Although some android devices go deep about the battery when you navigate to the battery settings.

So there you have it, what to check when buying a used phone. You can also check Obejor Online Store for PhonesComputers, home appliances and gadgets.