Below are 8 all-important fashion tips for men who are in their twenties;

1. Your confidence is your best accessory: Be confident with what you have, what you wear and what you are! Eventually, everything comes down to how confident you feel and how confident you appear to be.

2. Wear what defines you: Dressing yourself like others will lead you to be a wannabe or a copycat. Dressing what you are, will accentuate you. Wear your confidence when you feel short of clothes.

3. Shoes: Invest in a really good pair of shoes.

4. Respect other peoples sense of style: You might dress up and look dapper but you must respect others dressing styles even if you don’t admire.

5. Never look down at people who aren’t wearing big brands: You might have come across people who’re brand crazy and they have a problem with being friends with you if you don’t include a couple of their high brands in your wardrobe. If you are one of those who are crazy about brands, it’s time to stop this attitude. There is always a matter of choice on who wears what and it’s their matter of choice. Do not disrespect.

6. Always own a suit: A Gentleman always has a properly fitted suit in his wardrobe. So Should you!

7. Always buy affordable wallets: Usually, men shed a heavy amount of their salary on expensive wallets to keep nothing but a few bucks in it. Buy a wallet to keep a heavy amount! Being practical is the best key.

8. Wear at least 2 accessories when you are out: Be it a pair of sunglasses or a watch, A cap or a bracelet, A chain or rings. Make sure you wear at least 2 of them.

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