The first case of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) was discovered in Lagos, Nigeria on the 27th of February 2020. Since then, the country has been on lockdown restrictions and some of the restrictions have been eased to improve the state of the Nigerian economy.

The lockdown made most of the citizens to spend more time indoors and increase the period the spend on the internet or online. Covid-19 has shifted the way we use the internet and increased the amount of time spent on our devices for work, entertainment and networking.

Individuals are seeking out entertainment on streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. They also want to connect with one another on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. But it seems that people want to do more than just connect through messaging and text. They now want to see one another. The amount of video calls on WhatsApp has increased tremendously in Nigeria than in the period before Covid-19.

More offices and schools have increased their online activities. Schools have been closed since the outbreak of the pandemic in Nigeria and online or internet education has increased in the country. The sale of Kiddies tablet and other tablets has increased. Nigerian schools have now started resuming their schools online but this is at a great disadvantage because less privileged students, who can not afford to purchase these laptops and tablets or internet connection will be disenfranchised.

Offices are also embracing online activities like meeting and so on. Interviews are now online. More employees are working from home and submitting their work updates via emails. Also, this was not embraced before the outbreak but now most organisations are embracing online application tools like Zoom, Google Duo, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams to interact with their staffs and hold official meetings.

Individuals who can afford to more internet data have also embraced online video game sites. Video game sites have had an increase in traffic as have sites like Twitch that let you watch other people play. Sporting activities like popular football leagues in the world have been put on hold and sports fans have embraced online games. Although some sporting activities have resumed without the fans being present, these fans now use online technology to make their presence felt during games.

How has the covid19 pandemic affected the way you use the internet? Have you been able to improve your use of the internet or not? Tell us what your experience has been like.