Samsung Galxy Buds
Samsung Galxy Buds

In today’s post, Obejor Blog shall be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Ear Buds.
If you have a Samsung or other Android phone, the Galaxy Buds offer easy connectivity, a comfortable fit, and a warm, bassy sound. If you don’t, you may miss out on some cool extra features offered by the Samsung Galaxy wearables app.

True wireless headphones are one of the biggest trends in audio right now, with the major headphone brands attempting to claim a piece of the action following the introduction and subsequent success of Apple AirPods.

And while the Samsung Galaxy Buds are the South Korean firm’s next big play in the true wireless earbuds market, they are not Samsung’s first attempt at true wireless: The company has produced two generations of the Gear IconX

Here is the Full Review of Samsung Galaxy Ear Buds:

Samsung Galxy Buds
Samsung Galxy Buds


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are what I picture when I think of near-future tech. The alpine-white earphones have a seamless, sweatproof design that exudes elegance. The reflective, triangular touchpads on the front of the buds give off just enough pearlescence to entice.
The buds and rear are made from a matte-white plastic. The middle is wrapped in white rubber material defined by the little wing that helps secure the bud snugly in your ear canal. A white silicone ear tip completes the look; if the default tips are too large or small, the Galaxy Buds ship with two pairs additional sizes of tips and wings.

While the white is striking, it is a bit of a dirt magnet. I’d be curious to see how the yellow and black versions of the buds would hold up against dirt and earwax.


Typically, when I’m wearing truly wireless buds, particularly the AirPods, there’s always this cloud of paranoia about losing a bud while I’m walking. And running for a train? Forget about it.
The best thing about the Galaxy Buds is that they never feel like they’re one hard footstep from falling out of my ears.

It’s different with the Galaxy Buds. The 0.2-ounce, 0.7 x 0.9 x 0.8-inch buds nestled comfortably into my ear canal, with the wing resting gently against my concha. I wore the Galaxy Buds for more than 2 hours without any discomfort as I went about my day, taking the subway from Manhattan to the Bronx and back, doing a little housework, and even an hour-long session gym.


Connecting the Galaxy Buds with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 happened nearly instantaneously. In fact, I haven’t experienced anything that seamless since the AirPods. As soon as I placed the buds in my ears, I was greeted by a warm chime. Meanwhile, a notification acknowledging a successful connection flashed on my Note 8’s screen, along with battery info for each bud.


Although you can use the Galaxy Buds on their own, paring them with the free (Android, iOS) Galaxy Wearable app unlocks a lot more functionality. The app lets you monitor the buds’ battery life and connection status, configure touchpad options, and update firmware. You can even select whether or not the Buds alert you to new notifications and read them aloud.

Audio Performance

Apple’s Airpods, while good, can have a distant, airy quality about them. That’s why I appreciated the fullness that the Galaxy Buds delivered on almost every song.

On Rapsody’s “Black & Ugly,” the rapstress’s alto, braggadocious verses shone through, floating on a cascade of bell-like piano chords. Details were clear enough that I could hear the insistent twang of the guitars in chorus with the low end of the track. The AirPods delivered a bloated performance, with a crowded bass line that served only to intrude on the other components of the track. Still, I heard the guitar strums, although they were a bit muffled.

Battery Life and Bluetooth

Samsung claims its 58-mAH battery can sustain the Galaxy Buds for 6 hours, and the earbuds lived up to the hype. I spent the day running errands, commuting from Manhattan to the Bronx and back, and still had enough juice to do an hour at the gym. The Buds tapped out at the 5-hour and 46-minute mark. That’s significantly longer than the AirPods’ runtime (estimated: 5 hours, actual time: 4:29).

Once the Buds start running low on battery, you have two ways to recharge: the charging case or your Galaxy S10 smartphone. I was disappointed to learn that the charging case’s 252-mAH battery offers only an additional 7 hours of battery life. The AirPods’ case offers 24 hours of charge, allowing for multiple recharges.

Smartphone Charge:

If you own one of the new S10 phones, you can power up your buds via the wireless charge feature. Simply place the buds in the charging case, put it on the back of the phone, and the Buds will start drawing power from the phone in seconds.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the Galaxy Buds sport a better wireless connection than the previous standard. Throughout my trial, I never experienced any audio dropout. I could also leave my phone in my bedroom and rock out in the kitchen without any interference from the six walls between us.

Call Performance

Taking calls on the Galaxy Buds was a mixed bag. I could clearly hear my mom when I called her, but she sounded like she was talking through a sound-dampening filter. It was loud enough to converse, but she sounded really muffled. She reported the same sound quality on her end, which was expected, but disappointing.

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