Facebook has officially launched a dark mode feature for WhatsApp on Android 10 and iOS 13. Dark mode for WhatsApp offers a fresh look at a familiar experience. It is designed to reduce eye strain in low light environments. It is hoped it helps prevent those awkward moments when your phone lights up the room.

How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp for Android

  • Open your WhatsApp.
  • Tap the action overflow menu (three vertical dots in the top right corner).
  • Click Settings.

  • Select Chats.
  • Choose Themes.
  • In the Choose Theme dialog box, select Dark.
  • You should see the interface switch to a dark theme.

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on iOS

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colours > Smart Invert
  • You have now enabled dark theme across all the apps in the device

I have enabled the dark mode feature to my phone and I must confess to you, the feature is way too cool. It is doesn’t affect the eyes and it is easily readable. You too can give it a try.